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Doc IT, Doc Management, Secure Printing, Document Navigation, M Files

Cost/Service/Content Management, Document Capture, Software License Management

Desktop/Service Desk/Online Support, Pre Sales Auditing, Cloud Backups & Cloud Anti-virus,

Firewall Hosting, Virtual Server, Cyber Security, Domain Hosting 


Transforming the management, security and sharing of information by organising and processing content based on what it is rather than where it resides. doc-IT is a document management system that integrates with printers and MFPs to enable the intelligent capturing and managing of an organisation’s data. It enables existing mobile devices and multifunction printers to feed all data sources into a central intelligence bank, including integration with ERP and CRM systems, to create a single view of customer and business information that is compliant and safe. 


Itec SyncPlus is an online health and status monitoring solution that reduces the need for user intervention and boosts system uptime by automating a number of key processes and tasks for your print fleet. Printer downtime is a massive headache in any office environment. A multifunctional printer (MFP) that unexpectedly experiences a fault or runs out of toner can cost hours of productivity and disrupt workflow for days in a busy office. What’s more, out-of-order document output devices are a massive drain on the IT department’s time, accounting for an estimated 30-40% of helpdesk calls in an average organisation. “That is why companies need to put tools such as Itec SyncPLUS in place to stay on top of service and maintenance issues in their document output infrastructure” says Greg Lock, Senior Solutions Architect at Itec SA.

Document Navigator

Offering intelligent document capture, processing and delivery, the Itec Document Navigator provides seamless electronic workflows for paper-based documents. This simple and flexible capture solution manages document-based processes easily and with absolute reliability, letting office workers concentrate on the essentials of their business.

Print Director

Manage printer and copy usage with Print Director. Print Director software has all the features to help you easily optimise printer access and track printer and copy usage throughout your organisation. An excellent reporting system makes internal billing a breeze. 

Automated Time Tracking

Chrometa’s passive time keeping software will track your time for you as you work. It’s the easiest way to create an accurate and complete time sheet. Automatically Track Time on Any Device. Our automatic time trackers for Mac and PC watch your mouse, your keyboard, and the apps you use as you work. Chrometa records how long you’re spending on each document, email, website, and more. No timers or stopwatches are required. Maximize Team Productivity. Stay informed in real time about every team member’s work and progress.

Cloud Solutions

Microsoft 365 is cloud-based productivity, hosted by Microsoft. At its heart is Office itself – the familiar, rich Office applications customers use and love – now offered as a cloud service, so it’s always up to date. But Microsoft 365 is also so much more. It’s about bringing enterprise-grade services to organisations of all sizes, from online meetings to sharing documents to business-class email.

Access & Connectivity

Ensure business continuity securely and cost-effectively by providing your workforce with a solution that allows for connectivity anytime and anywhere based on the mobile data, content allowance and confines set by your organisation. APN is short for Access Point Name which facilitates a secure gateway between Mobile networks and other computer networks as well as the public internet. An APN solution allows for multiple SIM cards across various mobile networks (Vodacom, MTN and Telkom), connecting to the Internet via the Itec network, utilizing a shared data bundle and governed by a Hosted and/ Onsite Firewall that further enhances the management and security of your users and your organisation. 


Mobile: Recurring data bundle delivered over a Mobile Network Operator’s network. Contracted over a term, once off or prepaid with access to the Internet. Data utilization at user’s prerogative.

APN: Shared data bundle across remote resources securely. Exclusive access to pre-determined access rules (organisation’s network applications and information and securely).

Cloud Managed Teleworker Gateway

The Cisco Meraki Z-Series teleworker gateway is an enterprise class firewall, VPN gateway and router. Each model offers five gigabit ethernet ports and wireless for connectivity. Each model is designed to securely extend the power of Meraki cloud managed networking to employees, IT staff, and executives working from home. Using Meraki’s proven and highly scalable Auto VPN technology, administrators can deploy network services including VoIP and remote endpoints with automatic, zero-touch provisioning. Additionally the Z-series provides secure wired and wireless access, and increases end-user productivity through Layer 7 traffic shaping.